Critical communications


Satellite Communications

Communication is Mission Critical.  Do you have a plan to make sure you can communicate when conventional ways are out of reach?

Network Diversity

Whether looking to increase cellular capabilities, GPS technology, Satellite, or even reenforce your existing network, we have you covered!

Regardless of your needs we can customize and integrate within our platform. 

Pin Point Location

Ability to send exact GPS coordinates to emergency responders.

Customized Kiosk solutions

Add a customized solution to your pad.   A key component to the muster area.  Along with critical communication you can add an AED/Heart Defibrillator, Fire Extingusher, First Aid kit


We are a service oriented company, which prides ourselves with not only offering the latest in technology, but customer support and follow through. By installation, maintenance, logistic support and or training to fully utilize our products, we  partner with our customers to increase safety and efficiency.